Want Lists

Are there any LPs or CDs you are looking for? Send us an e-mail with your wants to purplepeakrecords@gmail.com and we will look at our extra stock to see if we have what you want, as well as our collections and consider if we are willing to part with our own copy (generally we won't, but there are plenty of exceptions!)

Now if you're like us, once we see the term "want list" that means that we'll tell you what we want, and then the dealer will insanely upcharge because they have a willing, and perhaps, desperate client. We won't do that! Same pricing strategy as our lists. Which means you'll likely pay less from us than anywhere else. All the same, I wouldn't suggest asking us for an album that normally goes for (example) $100, and get all mad when our price isn't $5 either. Be normal please...


  1. I'm looking for "Nimbus" (Germany,1980 )
    My e-mail address is ...



  2. Hi !
    Looking for Pre- s/t (znr) : progdog@online.no

    best rgds,

  3. Guys - just publishing them here in case someone else may have those. I only have a CD-R of Nimbus myself. The Pre (ZNR) really has gotten rare. I'm glad to have bought the CD when it came out 20+ years ago.