First Day Sales

First Day Sales more or less represent the premise for this entire concept. In our first couple of sales, we put up a list based on an e-mail tip, and you had one day to buy them. We have modified that concept somewhat, and here's the end result.

So what does First Day Sales mean anyway?

Before we even get started here: Do not worry: It’s not complicated. Honestly, you can just show up here, go through the list, send us a note of what you want. Done. Easy as that. Cool?

But for those of you who would like to know more…

Best way to approach a First Day sale would be the same as you would if you were going to an Estate sale, and you knew they had cool LPs. Or a Record Convention, and there’s a specific table you would like to target. You’re standing in a line, and you have to outrun and outsmart your fellow collectors. 

So with that it’s first come, first serve. The sale starts when the wall clock strikes all zeroes

E-mail is your tool to reserve/order. So you may want to have it ready to go before the sale! You can send as many e-mails as you want to and we’ll cull through them at the end of the sale (see below). So just like an Estate sale, you grab a record and it’s yours to buy. Unless you put it back….

On that note: You can change your mind during the day. Say you order 4 things, but later you don’t want 2 of them. That’s fine, send us a note and we’ll take it out of your stack. You’ll lose your place in line, if someone else ordered those two in the interim. But if not, and you change your mind back, well you might still be safe. One trick we'd imagined you could do is say “they’re all mine” and then weed them out later (we're sure there are other tricks). Don’t do that. We won’t honor that kind of silly behavior. Be normal please.

If-then-else clause Pardon the geek programming speak… But we think this one is very important, especially for our international customers. Essentially it works like this: “I will take record X, if record Y is still available, else I don’t want it”. Or any variation thereof. Remember, we're collectors too. And there’s nothing worse than ordering 10 albums, with a $5 throw-in LP, only to find out that’s all you won, and you’re stuck with a $5 LP (that you only kind of wanted) and a large postage bill! This will protect you. We’ll watch for this too at the end of the day, and give you a chance to back out if it doesn’t make sense economically. We want happy customers! 

The sale will end approximately 6 hours after the sale has begun (there will be a clock for this too). At that point, we'll go through all the e-mails (with any luck at all that is), and determine who ordered what.  

Once we’ve carefully figured out who gets what (or not), we’ll send you an e-mail/invoice. You should be hearing from us that evening or the next morning, depending on how things go.  As you can tell from above, it is of paramount importance that you honor your commitment to buy what you reserved. Please be cognizant of your fellow collectors.

What can I expect to see on the First Day? You will see the actual sale. What you will see is one simple text list with detailed grading. Certainly we can provide photos on request, but it won't be real time during a First Day sale. But we feel confident the text descriptions will more than suffice any curiosity you have. 

What’s in the sale anyway? A list of newly offered original LP pressings and hard to find reissues. There’s enough for every type of collector here for what we specialize in (Progressive, Psychedelic, Electronic, Fusion, and Hard Rock). We think all of you will be pleased with the prices, as we specifically priced under market to sell. We would just say the prices have been well researched. No giveaways and steals (hopefully for our sake), but also no price gauging. Everyone does that. We want you to buy these albums!

After the sale. We will relist unsold items for a short period of time (couple of days) right here on Purple Peak. Then we'll close the website and remaining items will be distributed to our Discogs store and most (but not all) will be priced higher there (gotta pay commission...)


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  2. The sale (on the DAY of the First Day sale) is on the main page