Progressive Rock / Krautrock / Psychedelic / Berlin School / Hard Rock / Jazz / Fusion / Zeuhl / Heavy Metal LPs

Our Discogs' store is here: Purple Peak Records. We have many great LPs, EPs, SPs/45s, and CDs at excellent prices! We specialize as LP/CD/MC collectors and sellers in the musical fields of Progressive Rock, Krautrock, Psychedelic / Garage, Berlin School / Progressive Electronic, Jazz, Fusion, Funk / Soul, X-Wave / 80's Music, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Latin, Asian, unknown Country, and Classical.

In addition to the Discogs store, we also run occasional auctions over at the ever reliable ebay. Check it out!

Happy to announce that we've expanded our presence at What's Left Records and will have our own section in the shop! So if you're ever in the Springs, be sure to stop by and check out what we have there. Or send us a note, and one of us will be sure to drive down and meet. Our Discogs store will continue as before. These are not the same albums as what we have in the shop, so feel free to ask us to bring something from Discogs if interested.

There's a chance we'll have a First Day Sale again. There's no choice but to pare down the collection - as it ballooned during the pandemic. We'll see how it goes. Also thinking about using Instagram for our rarest pieces. 

Last update: 1/18/24