Progressive / Psychedelic / Berlin School / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Jazz Fusion LPs and CDs for sale

The next sale is set for TBD. 11:00 AM Central Time USA. My best guess is October or November 2017. But could be sooner. Come by monthly! I'll try to give 30 days notice here.

September 3, 2017 update: All still on track. I have Jeff's LPs here and he's got some real winners this time, like he always does. This is going to be a great list for certain! Lots going on with my career, which seems more the norm of late. It will impact the timing of this sale, just as was the case last year (different, more favorable circumstances - at least I hope!). I'm leaning to an earlier sale in October, maybe even late September, but should know more in the next week. I've also rebuilt my mailing list - much more streamlined - so you can expect to hear from us that way as well. More to come soon!