Progressive / Psychedelic / Berlin School / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Jazz Fusion LPs and CDs for sale

The next sale is set for TBD. 11:00 AM Central Time USA. My best guess is October or November 2017. But could be sooner. Come by monthly! I'll try to give 30 days notice here.

July 2017 update: OK, the next Purple Peak First Day Sale is really coming together now. I've decided to sell many of my extra LPs - some very rare and in superb condition! I'm able to finally "let go" it seems. LOL. So many rarities this time. And I still haven't received Jeff's stuff yet! And tons of CDs as well. I really need to move things out of here. Too much stuff!  They need a new home! Also I've slashed the prices on older sale items that are still here. Lots of rarities and mid priced albums, along with cheaper-than-anywhere CDs. Definitely shooting for October. Could be November, but October would be ideal!